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Best Shot-Creator build?:NBA 2K18 General Discussions.

Let's make a list of all the 'best' custom jumpshots in NBA 2K18! This will be added to a new page in our 2K18 Wiki Mod There have been a lot of threads on suggested jumpshots so mods have decided to create a dedicated page. Try it out for yourself. been running this for about 3 months and is by far the best SHOT CREATOR jumpshot! Release to ~November: John Wall November to TODAY. We are the biggest community for anything and everything. The Shot Creator archetype doesn’t need to be spotting up to get buckets, you will have better success shooting off the dribble, fade-aways, etc. Utilize the Ankle Breaker badge to get separation from defenders and take them off. Also the one that works best for me. I love it on my power forward. It's a great jump shot for builds with lower shooting stats. I optimized it a little to green more often. Of course this is personal, and everyone will have a different. No jump shot is the best shot. All these 'best jump shot vids are silly and like the other dude said "clickbait". The best jump shot is the jump shot that feels right to your play style only. I tried so many of these 'best jumpshots!' and.

I’m a slashing shot creator myself so I recommend using base 49 and you can pick whatever for the release. You can thank me later. I use Jordan's jumper and do okay. Usually don't take alot of dribble pull ups though, badges. The best build for you and the "best" build are likely two different things. There are "best" builds in the game such as the 6'10" point forward, 6'4" shot creator, 6'2" sharpshooter, etc. But every person has their own playstyle and a best. This thread is for the Shot Creators who play this game. It'ss going to be very interesting to see the choices made by everyone in 2k18. I know for myself personally whenever I came across a shot creator in park or pro-am I get ready.

Now did you like create the shot in jumpshot creator or just buy it? I made KThompsons shot in the creator using his base and release for both and was wondering if it was the same as the purchased one. The NBA 2K17 Jump Shot Creator in MyCAREER is a cool new feature in the game that allows you to combine shot animations and customize it yourself. You can customize the lower base, blend two jump shot releases together. NBA 2K20 BEST BUILDS Pure Shot Creator 0 1 year ago HaloGunner1567 open 0 NBA2K19 Point Guard Pure Shot Creator Height: 6'1, Weight: 190 lbs, Wingspan: min, Jump Shot: Custom, Free Throw: Stephen Curry. 2017/12/09 · NBA 2K18 is the latest entry in the franchise which brings a new and improved MyCareer mode for the fans of the series to start from the bottom and make it to the top team and this guide will help you with MyCareer and will give.

2017/09/15 · How to Make a Three Point Shot in NBA 2K18 In a tight NBA 2K18 game where both teams manage to score a hoop in each ball possession, successful three-point shots can sometimes decide the victor. Somewhat. NBA 2K20 BEST BUILDS Playmaking Shot Creator 14 1 year ago YRNxSkate open 0 NBA2K19 Point Guard Playmaking Shot Creator Height: 6'5, Weight:,: Moving Crossovers, Jump Shot: Custom, Jump Shot Custom.

best build of all time 4 months ago 2kBEAST open 0 pros has great badges great shooting good dribbling good dunks cons none NBA2K19 Shooting Guard Sharpshooting Shot Creator Height: 6'0, Weight: 195 lbs, Wingspan. Home/Top Rated getaways/ I GOT 95 OVR WITH MY SHARPSHOOTING SHOT CREATOR! REBIRTH UNLOCKED!! BEST SHOT CREATOR IN NBA 2K19! REBIRTH UNLOCKED!! BEST SHOT CREATOR IN. 2017/12/22 · In this NBA 2K18 MyCareer Builds Guide, we will share with you some of the best builds for MyCareer mode in NBA 2K18. NBA 2K18 comes with a more refined and enhanced build system that allows you, even more. 2017/08/09 · NBA 2K17 Jump Shot Creator is a feature that allows you to combine different shots and create your own. Before you can use it, you have to get a message from Coach K. In this guide, we’ll give you a detailed explanation how to.

  1. 2017/09/25 · NBA 2K18 also allows you to customize your own jump shot once your MyPlayer reaches an overall rating of 75. With the jump shot customization unlocked, you can accordingly adjust the shot release speed timing to your liking.
  2. 2017/10/21 · `Hey, whats the best shot creator build. Im thinking of a primary Sharp and seconday shot creator. SC first, sharp second is very versatile, and very useful in all modes. SC first, playmaker secondary is fun to use but.

2019/11/28 · `Hey, whats the best shot creator build. Im thinking of a primary Sharp and seconday shot creator. Im thinking of a primary Sharp and seconday shot creator. Giriş Yap Mağaza. Shot creator jumpshot 2k18 4 months ago Another Funny Picture 5 months ago Most Wanted 1 Shot creator jumpshot 2k18 Disclaimer One of the earliest activities we engaged in when we first got into astronomy is the same one. The best advice I can give is as follows. Hit your MyCourt, and test. Look for reference points. I don't watch my shot meter, most of the time. I look at the top of my head. That way I get the timing down. But every shot has a different. Almost like a KD Build. If your custom jumper is wet, you’re guaranteed to be a dominant scorer. Only weakness is if you’re playing the 3 on Park, you will have a difficult time getting rebounds when matched up against a Center.

2017/03/27 · The perfect jump shot in NBA 2K17 should have three things: a smooth motion, a short hop and a moderate-speed release. This custom jump shot has it all. Here's how you can equip your MyPlayer with this jump shot in. NBA 2K20 BEST BUILDS Do it all Two-Way Shot creator 4 12 months ago Irvingplayz open 0 NBA2K19 Small Forward Two Way Shot Creator Height: 6'10, Weight: 250 lbs, Wingspan. IF your still unable to find a jump shot your 100% comfortable with, you found the right place. With the help of the guys at NBA2KLab, here’s the Top 10 Jump Shots you should try out for your My Player in NBA 2K18. NBA 2K18 Top.

I want to share the details for my first NBA 2K19 shot creator build. And yes, it is very OVER POWERED! I will likely make another shot creator for those who are not feeling this one. But trust, this player build is too OP! It’s all. Shot creator 2k18 4 months ago Another Funny Picture 5 months ago Most Wanted 1 Shot creator 2k18 Disclaimer One of the earliest activities we engaged in when we first got into astronomy is the same one we like to show our. Best jump shots for 2k 17 shot creator sf in MyPARK / 2K Pro-Am 2 years ago asked by user nba-2k17 shooting jump-shots jumpshot-creator best 0 votes 1 answer What is the best jump shot for a starting PG on 2k17? in ago.

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